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Select Asphalt Solutions in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is known for our impressive range of asphalt services. We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

Perfect for Your Property

There's nothing like a gorgeous asphalt surface to beautify your home or business. Many clients already trust us to take on asphalt projects at their properties, including:

• Residential Homes
• Condominiums
• Office Complexes
• Restaurants
• Retail Centers
• Schools
• Churches
• Medical Facilities
• Parking Lots

Shoveling the Asphalt

Crack Filling

Prolonging the life of your asphalt is the best way to save your hard-earned money. Crack filling is an economical option, as opposed to complete resurfacing or patching, when cracks appear in your asphalt surface. Cracks that are 0.25" and wider are filled with a rubber filler and subsequently heated to 350°. This heated rubberized material is applied to the crack, creating a durable rubber bridge. The end result is a reduction of the infiltration of water and other materials into the cracks. Further, costlier expenses are avoided by taking care of cracks before they worsen.

Asphalt Patching

The warm summers and cold winters that Michigan is known for result in severe cracks and potholes in many asphalt surfaces. Water that seeps into pavement is repeatedly frozen and thawed, causing expansion and contraction of the asphalt surface and, therefore, deterioration, cracks, and potholes. Combining this damage with heavy traffic means that asphalt patching is a common repair in Michigan. We have the skills and knowledge to handle any asphalt patching or repair that you require. Whether you need an addition to your driveway, a catch basin rebuilt, a surface patched, or the removal and replacement of asphalt, our experts are here to help.


Nothing enhances the visual and practical appeal of your asphalt surface more than sealcoating. The process of sealcoating plays a vital role in asphalt maintenance by protecting the surface from UV rays, weather, grease, oil, salt, and other harmful agents. We use the highest grade of sealer and combine it with sand and a special additive to provide your surface with added traction and durability. We believe that you should get the most out of your asphalt investment. Sealcoating is an affordable solution that is sure to prevent costly repairs for many years to come.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Eventually, all asphalt surfaces require resurfacing due to lack of maintenance, poor initial installation, or age. Standing water, spider web cracks, and broken or sinking asphalt are sure indicators of significant damage where resurfacing is your best and most cost-effective solution. By adding a new layer of asphalt, we give you a beautiful and long-lasting surface for your property. Contact us for a quote. We're more than happy to evaluate your surface and propose the best solution.